In an instant your life changes. Suddenly, you’re disabled and unable to work. You try for disability benefits, but find it’s a long, difficult process... maybe you’ve even been turned down. Meanwhile, you can’t pay your bills and your finances are crashing down around you. It feels like your life is falling apart.

The Law Office of Spalding & Spalding can help! We specialize in Workers’ Compensation Disability, Social Security Disability and Bankruptcy Law.

When you’re disabled, it’s critical you seek legal advice right away to protect your rights. Even if you’ve been turned down, it may not be too late. Whatever your situation, you need to call an expert—someone to help sort through all the options... a compassionate, professional attorney who wins cases! And, that’s where Cynthia Spalding and Thomas Spalding come in. With 45 years of combined legal expertise, we were named Number 31 out of the Top 100 attorneys in the Inland Empire. Whether you qualify for Workers’ Comp Disability or Social Security Disability, we can determine your rights and fight for you.

And, if you need debt relief—even if you’re not disabled—we’re here for you. Get a fresh financial start. Let us help you navigate the tricky waters of Bankruptcy proceedings.

Whatever your situation, Why not pick up the phone and come in for a free consultation. We care.


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